Curriculum Schedule 2017-2018

(S) SISTERHOOD – The solidarity of women based on shared conditions.

October  — This month is dedicated to a lot of team-building and learning the importance of sisterhood. 

November  — This month is dedicated to defining and assessing each members self-esteem using 4 core domains – personal power, uniqueness, role models, and connecting relationships .

(A) ACHIEVING- To gain by work or effort; accomplish; attain; or realize.

December — This month is dedicated to community service and gaining a better understanding of what it means to be a “servant leader.”

(S) SELF-UNDERSTANDING – To have a thorough or complete knowledge of one’s self.

February – This month is dedicated to learning more about ourselves through our rich history and culture. 

(S) Success – Obtain desired outcomes.

March – This month is dedicated to all women and gaining a deep understanding about the legacy and shoulders that we stand upon. During this month mentees will also prepare to participate in the annual “S.A.S.S.I.E – Girls Only Weekend Get-a-way Conference.”

(I) INDIVIDUALITY – The sum of qualities that characterize and distinguish a person from all others; Separate or distinct existence.

April – This month is dedicated to utilizing our leadership skills and giving back via community service activities.

(E) EXCELLENCE – The quality of being excellent; very good or above its kind.


May — This month is dedicated to recapping the qualities and characteristics that we learned that make-up who we are and how we will use those qualities to be a purpose-driven, change agent, for the betterment of the world.

June thru August –  These months are dedicated to “STAYING CONNECTED!”


Summer Outings will be scheduled for June and August. These activities allow the SASSIE staff and mentees to reconnect prior to the start of the next academic calendar.